Wolfgang Maiwald - jazz pianist - composer

the trio
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Wolfgang Maiwald Trio - CD Release Party

Photo’s of the album release party on 10th of oktober 2010 at the Bellevue Theater in Amsterdam, with Guus Bakker and Joost Kesselaar, special guest Jan Huydts - presentation.

Wolfgang Maiwald Trio with Joe Lovano

Master class with the American tenor saxophone player Joe Lovano, with Thomas Andersen - bass and Joost Kesselaar - drums, live performance at the Ysbreker, Amsterdam 2006

Various performances

Photo’s of various performances taken during the last couple of years.

In the studio

Various photo’s taken during the process of recording the new album.


Photo’s of various performances

Trunk - live debut at the North Sea Jazz Club, Amsterdam

Photo’s of the debut concert at the North Sea Jazz Club in Amsterdam on june 29th 2013.

Wolfgang Maiwald Trio - Dutch Jazz Day 2013 showcase concert

Photo’s of the showcase concert at the Dutch Jazz Day on june 28th 2013 with Guus Bakker - bass and Pim Dros - drums.

Wolfgang Maiwald Trio - Concertgebouw, Amsterdam Uitmarkt 2013

Photo’s of our two concerts at the Amsterdam Concertgebouw during the Uitmarkt on august 31tst 2013 with Jasper Somsen (b) and Haye Jellema (dr).

Wolfgang Maiwald Trio - ‘The Silent Ones’ album release concert, North Sea Jazz Club 2014

Photo’s of the album release concert at the North Sea Jazz Club in Amsterdam on September 21tst 2014 with Guus Bakker - bass and Pim Dros - drums.