Wolfgang Maiwald - jazz pianist - composer

the trio
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Wolfgang Maiwald Trio

Wolfgang Maiwald is a contemporary jazz pianist with an original sound. His compositions distinguish themselves by catchy, narrative melodies, compelling grooves and lyrical improvisations.

Together with Guus Bakker on bass and Pim Dros on drums, Maiwald manages to create a trio that is familiar with the jazz tradition and simultaneously has the nerve to depart from it, dressing it up in a new and personal jacket. Atmospherical, original songs are accompanied by a fine selection of lovely interpretations of existing standards. Sophisticated song-based jazz that offers abundant space for interaction, adventure and tranquility. In short, music that appeals to the imagination of a wide audience.

Maiwald, born and raised in Germany, graduated Cum Laude at the Conservatory of Amsterdam and developed into an exceptionally sophisticated and subtle musician. ‘Two Faces’, the debut album, deservedly garnered wide critical acclaim.

In 2013 the Wolfgang Maiwald Trio showcased with a succesfull performance at the “Dutch Jazz Day 2013”, in 2014 they won the semi-finals of the “Dutch Jazz Competition 2014” performing with his trio.

The second album of the trio, entitled ‘The Silent Ones’, was presented in fall 2014 at the North Sea Jazz Club in Amsterdam, followed by an extensive album release tour through The Netherlands. One track of this album has also been released on a jazz compilation CD in Japan. Both albums are distributed in the Netherlands through Painted Dog Records and Japan through Albore Jazz.


Quotes on the new album

“The Silent Ones”:

“In a dozen compositions Maiwald creates a compelling album balancing between tradition and modern that is full of melody, harmony and rhythm." Serge Julien, Cultuurpodium Online

“With his new CD “The Silent Ones” Wolfgang Maiwald proves to be a skillful, lyrical, melody-loving pianist who has captured his place in Europe’s first division of Jazz-pianists.”

Klaas Koopman, Jazz journalist, The Netherlands

“With his sophisticated touché Maiwald confidently exhibits theme’s and improvises particularly beautiful and inspired.”

Mattie Poels, Dutch jazz blog Musicframes

“The new album ‘The Silent Ones’ prominently places Maiwald and his trio on the map in the Dutch and International jazz scene."

Mathilde Löffler, Dutch jazz blog Jazzenzo

“Considerate, jet lyrical and virtuous, Maiwald forms a strong combination with bass player Guus Bakker and drummer Pim Dros.“

Angelique van Os, Dutch jazz magazine Jazzism

“With the debut album already earning wide critical acclaim, his second album Maiwald particularly emphasizes his own sound.”

Mark van Rikxoort, Dutch jazz blog JazzContrasten

“With both excellent compositions and sophisticated playing Maiwald shows to be a master at work.”

Marjolein van der Heide, Dutch jazz blog Na de lunch

“There’s a big element of surprise on this beautiful production. The whole therefore remains fresh and energetic.”

Bob van Eekhoud, jazz journalist, The Netherlands

“As a Jazz pianist and composer myself, I am adding Wolfgang to my list of favourite players like Fred Hersch, Herbie Hancock and Keith Jarrett. I’m greatly impressed by the developments in his melodic, harmonic and rhythmical approach. This CD reveals a piano player who has found his own, original way of writing and playing Jazz. Enjoy!”

Jan Huydts, jazz pianist and former Director of Jazz Studies of the Hilversum Conservatory of Music (now Amsterdam Conservatory), The Netherlands

Press quotes on the debut album “Two Faces”:

“A very pleasant album, extremely melodic and with a certain playfulness. Beautiful trio.”

René Steenhorst, Dutch newspaper “De Telegraaf”

“Maiwald’s sense of harmony is reminiscent of pianist Lyle Mays”

Paul van den Belt, JazzPodium.com

“Maiwald has a real voice as a composer.”

Rick Margitza, American jazz saxofonist with Miles Davis o.a.